Why it makes sense to trust your gut | Authentic leaders trust their gut instincts | Follow your instincts

Leaders, Do You Trust Your Gut?

In our information-based world, many leaders have learned to make decisions based on whatever solid data can be gathered regarding a particular situation. But neuroscience has proven that there’s another important factor you should employ in leadership decision-making: trusting your gut. Authentic Leaders Address Emotional Needs Working effectively with people isn’t about how fast or […]

Why you should work with a mentor

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Trusted Mentor

Having a network of trusted advisors, mentors, and friends isn’t just for newbies – even CEOs need mentors too, according to an April 2015 HBR article. In fact, mentorship is so important the article authors even suggest, “…we are convinced that more CEOs should connect with mentors rather than assume that theirs is a burden […]

NAEM’s WOMENLEAD24 Resources | Delivery

WOMENLEAD24 Resources from award-winning transformational facilitator, executive coach, professional speaker, writer, and entrepreneur – Colleen Slaughter Your Resources Workbook Download the digital version of my content packed workbook from the workshop Download Your Workbook Transformation Break-Through Call Schedule a short, value-packed 1-1 conversation Schedule Your Call Feedback Join the virtuous circle by referring others, providing your feedback, […]