How to gain confidence by lowering stress

Banish Stress to Gain Confidence: 5 Tips for Working Moms

Stress is a real confidence crusher. It’s hard to feel your confident best when you’re under stress – this is especially true when you’re a working mom. As if you didn’t already know how stressful life can be as a working mom, here are some stats:

  • A recent post on noted that working moms are more stressed and spend more time multitasking at home than working dads, according to a study in the American Sociological Review.
  • According to Fox News, a recent study published in the Journal of Family Psychology found that women who reported high job strain and high parenting stress had markedly higher cortisol levels on workdays. Over time, high cortisol levels place women at risk for exhaustion, cardiovascular problems, or other mental or physical health ailments.
  • A 2013 article called Modern Parenthood cited a Pew Research Center survey that said 56% of working moms feel stressed about balancing work and family life,

As a busy working mom myself, I’m sharing five of my favorite tips to lower stress and gain the confidence you need to shine!How to gain confidence

  1. Take a time out – for you. This isn’t the same as indulging in yourself, and it’s not like meditating, either. When you’re busy mom, it can be hard to step away from it all – even for a few minutes. If you want to lower stress – and thereby gain confidence – taking a time out is critical. Stepping away from a stressful situation for five minutes can help you regroup and return with a fresh perspective, or at least, a calmer mind.
  2. Delegate tasks. For many moms, I know this might be the most challenging tip of all. Many of us want to give life – work, family, home – our very best, so asking for help can seem like a failure. It’s not. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner or significant other for a helping hand, and if your kids are old enough, invite them to partake in helping too. Try organizing tasks and then create a list of household responsibilities so everyone does their fair share.
  3. Indulge in yourself. When was the last time you did something for yourself? If you can spend even 30 minutes a few times a week doing something you love, it’s a great start. Embrace one of your hobbies, buy something you enjoy, or plan a girl’s night out with your friends. Find something to look forward to! If you’re on a budget, you don’t have to go out and buy a Chanel blazer – some luxurious bath salts will do just fine!
  4. Meditate. While there are many types of meditation, the idea is to focus your attention and reduce or eliminate the stream of thoughts constantly flowing through your mind. When you meditate, allow thoughts to come and go without judgment, and return to center. Start with just 5 minutes every day – you might be surprised at the benefits, which include a greater focus on the present moment, better stress management skills, more clarity, and a stronger ability to cope with life and all the challenges that come with it..
  5. Let go. Have you ever stopped to wonder why you feel stressed to begin with? If you really consider it, you’ll probably find that you feel out of control, inadequate, or like you’ve failed. In reality, life is far from perfect. Start with the small things by telling yourself it’s ok the next time a stressor pops up. It’s ok if your daughter is five minutes late to her dance class or you forgot to mail your mother-in-law a birthday card. Life happens. Flow with it.

Each of the tips above share one thing in common – they give you the opportunity to release yourself from stress. When you feel more in control, you’ll finally be able to work on gaining the confidence you need to master all areas your life.

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