6 Tips to Make a Breakthrough

6 Easy Ways to Make a Breakthrough in Your Life

Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life? Wondered if you felt really satisfied – fulfilled – passionate, even – about your life? Thought about how to finally make that big breakthrough? Who hasn’t?!

How can you actually start making the BOLD moves that will take you to HIGHER levels in your career and in your life? In truth, there is no single, direct path to creating a huge breakthrough in your life, but these tips will give you some pointers as you’re on your journey:

1. Take a trip – outside of your comfort zone. I’m not just talking about travelling somewhere that you’ve never been before (even though that’s a great idea, too!). It’s not just your body that you need to take on a vacation – take your mind with you as well.

Instead of trying to stick with “the way things have always been done”, get out there and explore the world. Watch how your world begins to expand as you open to new ideas and new ways of doing even the most mundane tasks. Explore a new perspective, listen to someone else’s point of view for a change. You might be surprised how much you’ve been missing.

2. Push your boundaries BIG time. Most of us know what that feeling – you know, where you think you’ve gone as far as you possibly can and you just can’t 6 Tips to Make a Breakthroughgo any farther? That’s exactly when you need to keep going. When you discover a boundary, you’ve established your breakthrough point. Change, real change, only happens when you get uncomfortable. So, shatter your barriers, think big, and take a leap of faith!

3. Make time to take time…for yourself! Everyone needs “me time”, but so many people think of this as being “selfish”. Far from being a practice reserved for society’s most self-centered, “me time” can actually help you come back with more clarity, more focus, and more readiness to rock your world.

When you’re busy all the time, you don’t have time to just “be” – and that makes it about impossible to be open to trying anything new. So, start by taking some dedicated downtime at least once a week to give yourself the space to think creatively, to relax, to enjoy a hobby you’ve been missing out on, to take a stroll in nature…you don’t need to have any specific purpose.

4. Find someone who inspires you. This isn’t about imitating someone else – it’s about being inspired by that person to motivate you in your own journey. Some people are inspired by a close friend or mentor, while others find motivation in someone they’ve never even met before, such as a public figure or celebrity. Learn from what has already been done to make your own life steps firmer, faster, and more innovative.

5. Ditch your old habits. Notice I didn’t say “bad” habits here. Daily life can become pretty habitual. Your habits – good or bad – might well be the shackles that are holding you in bondage to your current situation. Try shaking things up a bit – it might not be easy, but you’ll find yourself a lot closer to your breakthrough BOLD move moment.

“Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character.”

-Stephen Covey

6. Get started – NOW! Many of us let fear stand in the way of a major breakthrough. How many times have you made excuses like the ones below?

When the time is right, I will…

After I do this or accomplish that, I can finally…

I’m just not ready; I need more time.

I was going to do it, but

Start now – from the place where you are today – and work up from there. Be open to fresh ideas; flex your mental muscles. Instead of quickly saying “no” to a new opportunity…say YES to the possibilities that await you.

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