Start Learning Today


Start Learning Today

BOLDER is a system which offers you the structure, clarity and self-confidence to achieve alignment with your true talents and desires.

You can find a prime example of the “ L” part of the BOLDER system at work through the “3 D’s To Gaining A Seat at the Table”.

Additionally, we will be offering teleclasses, group coaching, eBooks, other video trainings, VIP Days, live presentations, and a whole host of other resources with which you can work with the BOLDER system to achieve higher levels of success and of fulfillment in your life and in your business.

Please explore our website regularly for the newest products and services.  We will be updating regularly.  Better yet, sign up for our ezine by clicking the “Contact Us” button below to receive our latest news directly in your inbox.

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Colleen Slaughter holds multiple degrees in coaching and leadership, she founded ALI (Authentic Leadership International) in 2009 and coaches people both in the U.S. and abroad. Colleen has a proven track record of helping her clients achieve change by helping them to identify, connect and ultimately act on their core values.