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No-Holds-Barred Advice for Your Business & Life

We’re gearing up for what I know is going to be my most powerful, innovative virtual training event yet, and I’m giving you a sneak peek at some of the advice you’ll be hearing from enormously successful, influential women entrepreneurs.

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Trust your instincts. Listen to your intuition.

“I knew what to do but did not know why,” shares Kimberley Borgens, award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and author, in a post about using intuition to guide decisions.

She recalls a time when she and her husband were screening potential employees for their security company. Even though one prospective employee looked really good on paper, Kimberley found herself saying “No, I don’t want to hire him.”

Just two days later, they discovered that the man had been arrested for kidnapping his girlfriend and putting her in the trunk of his car. Even though this might seem like a more extreme example of the benefits of following your inner compass, it illustrates why you absolutely need to be open to trusting your own instincts.

Kimberley’s enlightening advice is to “Listen to what is going on and ask yourself some questions to get more information…Listening to your heart, your intuition, and knowing your skills will keep you going when the tough times surface. You often will know what to do without knowing why or how to get it done.”

Want to avoid burnout? Value your time.

The infamous Dr. Venus Opal Reese, CEO of Defy Impossible, says, “If you are anything like me, you know hoAdvice for your business and lifew to grind. I have made my own way in the world, and that has served me. But that survival strategy of getting it done- no matter what – is actually costly.”

Dr. Venus doesn’t mince any words, and you definitely need to hear this: “Here is the truth: you can’t NOT afford to hire support. If you don’t stop being cheap, a know-it-all, or prideful, you are going to burn yourself out and implode your business.”

So, where do you get started? The #1 thing you need to do first is to stop saying “I can’t afford it” or “I can handle this on my own.” Then, get busy figuring out what it is that you need to get done. Identify the tasks that you – and only you – can do (be honest here!), as well as the tasks you can delegate.

For all the tasks you can delegate, determine who you can reach out to for help. If you’re not sure where to find someone to hire, ask your peers for advice. Dr. V suggests offering payment, training, or a transactional barter once you reach out and make that request.

Above all, leave “perfect” behind. I know how hard this can be, especially because I’m a perfectionist myself. But as Dr. V asserts, “You have to let go of perfect and really focus on workability.”

Don’t just “deal with it”. Face the pain.

Sometimes, life is just…difficult…demanding…unbearable. “Feeling overwhelmed is something that can really get in the way of you being focused, efficient, and effective with your time. In fact, overwhelm can stop you dead in your tracks.” So says Angelina Campos, an expert at helping entrepreneurs attract more paying clients and referrals.

Overwhelm doesn’t just “happen”. You might think that you can just ignore it. You might tell yourself that you can “deal with it”. Meanwhile, all that overwhelm getting ready for a big attack – and when it “arrives in full force and head on, it can paralyze you,” explains Angelina.

Instead of letting the overwhelm hit you head on, face it head on. Recognize, accept even, that you’re feeling overwhelmed. Take at least 5 slow, deep breaths. Then get to work on getting to the root of the issue. Once you do that, Angelina suggests taking 15 minutes out to brainstorm possible solutions so you can take action and actually relieve some of that overwhelm.

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