Colleen Contributes Advice to Business Unplugged

Colleen SlaughterColleen’s advice recently appeared in Carol Roth’s Business Unplugged blog.  In an article entitled “Entrepreneurs: Tips to Create the Right Mindset for Success“, experts contributed advice to help develop and maintain the right mindset in business endeavors.

Colleen’s advice, “Authenticity is Enjoyment,” stresses the importance of being authentic to your purpose if you wish to fully enjoy your accomplishments.  Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or are a member of corporate America, Colleen says it’s vital to fully comprehend and be sincere in your intentions.

The contributor network of business owners, experts, advisers and entrepreneurs shared a range of insightful tips and strategies, including:

  • Prep Your Muscles”: Know your topic, product, customer or situation to cultivate confidence and stand your ground.
  • Enforce Happy Hour”: Make time for yourself every day to decompress from work.  Taking a break gives you a clearer mindset when you do return to your work life.
  • Right Thinking for Success”: Find people you can look up to – a public figure, a philosopher, even a family member or friend. Contemplate their accomplishments to get your mind into a positive state – and keep it there.
  • Mental Toughness = Love”: Find strength in being emotionally tough – never allow the passion for your work to diminish.
  • Embrace Your Failures”: Use your failures to “think outside of the box”. Establish innovative practices that propel you to success.

“If you want to have complete success and fulfillment, you must be truthful about what is most important to you,” shares Colleen. “Otherwise, you are just chasing the almighty dollar, prioritizing material goals above your physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.”

Colleen partners with clients who want to lead a more authentic work and personal life.  Her experience can show you how to become a more effective leader, accelerate achievement of key goals, and create a more satisfying life.

Learn more about Colleen’s unique coaching style by visiting her Authentic Leadership International website at or contact 1.855.481.1069.

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