“Professional Coaching” is defined by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as a relationship followed within a defined period that allows the client to obtain concrete and measurable results in their professional and personal life. Through the coaching process, the client deepens their knowledge and improves their performance.


Executive Coaching

Proud Executive Coach to the UN World Food Program, the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize Winner

When you’re searching for the right executive coach, I’m well aware that you have a lot of choices. A quick Google search for executive coach, leadership coach, or change management yields seemingly endless results.

Because the field of coaching is not yet regulated, anyone can call themselves a coach. But that’s not my story. ALI adheres to International Coach Federation (ICF) standards.

ALI’s has a history of strong ties with the ICF (two years of Board Member service), and we have spoken at several Chapters across the world and even written an article here appearing on the ICF website.


What Sets Authentic Leadership International Apart?

Some business coaches specialize in helping their clients with tactical and transactional activities. We strive for results that are much longer-lasting.

ALI’s area of expertise lies in change management – as transformational leadership coaches, we specializing in facilitating transformation at a much deeper level:

We help individuals and organizations gain the clarity necessary to define their true purpose, to understand and achieve their goals, and to align their actions and behaviors with their core values. In doing so, they are guided to real, lasting transformation.

Yet, it is the foundation of Ontological Coaching – and not Change Management – that truly sets ALI apart from other Executive Coaches. Learn more about the benefits of ontological coaching here.


Virtual Coaching

Less Stress + Limitless Location Options = Optimal Results

Your schedule is busy and you may not be in one place for more than a day. With these schedule demands, making any time for yourself can feel like one of the biggest challenges ever.

Since we work with clients around the globe, we also offer virtual coaching. Our transformational leadership coaching is here to help – wherever you are.

Whether you’re presenting in that staff meeting in Singapore, attending a conference in San Jose, or taking care of new clients in Dubai – or anywhere in between…

ALI is here to provide the same level of professional executive coaching services as if we were meeting together in person.


How do you benefit from online coaching services?

▪ No stressing as you wait in traffic hoping you’ll arrive on time
▪ No dashing out of the office for yet another appointment
▪ More freedom and flexibility to fit in with your busy schedule
▪ Connect from virtually anywhere you have access to a phone or the Internet


Executive Coaching and Virtual Coaching can be done individually or in a team setting. 

Want to know more about what we do? 

Find more details here:


“We know what we are, but not what we may be.”
― William Shakespeare



Coaching borrows from both consulting and therapy


Coaches were asked what companies should look for when hiring a coach. Here’s how various qualifications stacked up:

What Is Coaching?

Transformation, Authentic Leadership International, coaching

Change is skin deep – one dictionary definition is “to substitute” or “to exchange.” Transformation? Just like the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, that’s a true metamorphosis. It calls for a shift in mindset in the individual – and the organization. If you’re seeking lasting, meaningful fulfillment, you make a transformation – not a change.



First and foremost, coaching is future-oriented and client-centered. It focuses on the future that YOU, as the client, want to create.

From ALI’s perspective, and contrary to what you might believe, we don’t see ourselves as the “expert” on your life and career. Rather, we hold you as resourceful, creative and whole – knowing you have all the resources and insights available right within.

Our job as your executive coach is simply to hold a mirror up (no one has eyes in the back of their head), to provide you with the tools and expertise necessary to develop your perspective from different angles.

We help you go within, to see things in a new way – so that the solutions that once seemed elusive become more visible and readily attainable.


We at ALI see executive coaching as a collaborative partnership, where we (as change leadership facilitators) guide you (the client) to focus on the skills and actions needed to successfully produce personally relevant results. We empower you to facilitate the enhancement of your performance, productivity, and joy at work and beyond – and to sharpen your continuous learning spiral. 


In essence, executive coaching has many facets. The philosophy at Authentic Leadership International is that coaching:

• Guides leaders to recognize both how they currently look at things – and how they might potentially view things differently to create more powerful, effective results.

• Creates a safe space where leaders can become aware of their “blind spots” – and from there, take actions that are more wholly aligned with their authentic selves.

• Focuses on behavioral and performance results, allowing the leader to meet or exceed their goals.

“Colleen has a knack for her craft. She is a natural. She uses her many layers of knowledge to come up with creative suggestions. Her gentle and guiding questions make the process of self-discovery easier and more joyful than I have ever experienced.

Just about everything she said seemed to be the right question at the right time. That’s where Colleen stands out head and shoulders over other people.”

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