Colleen to present “The Six Emotions of a Leader” at the Cameron Village Library: Sunday, December 5, 2-4 pm

When most people hear the word “emotions,” a touchy-feely idea comes to mind.  Certainly, the notion of pairing emotions with leadership in one presentation may seem paradoxical.  Yet emotions are predispositions to action, they lead us to certain results. It makes sense, then, to not only pay more attention to the emotions we are in and how our actions our influenced by them, but also to cultivate an ability to move into and out of emotions according to the results we want to create.  All of us are capable of experiencing every emotion and all emotions – even joy and anger – have costs and benefits attached to them.   It is simply a matter of which emotion serves you best in that particular leadership moment you are facing.  In this presentation, we teach you to become aware of the vast array of emotions at your disposal and how to embody the appropriate one to create more of the results you want.

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