Confidence through Education

Confidence Through Learning: How Education Eliminates Insecurity

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.

-Anthony J. D’Angelo

As a leader, continuing your education isn’t just another “to-do” to cross off your list – it’s an investment in your future.

Students who work in leadership roles in college are poised to be successful in the workforce once they’ve finished their degree, according to the Education Insider News Blog. And, progressive organizations invest in their employees’ education and development to find – and keep – the right talent.

How Leaders Benefit from Education

Whether you’re still working on your degree, about to embark on a new educational path, or are thinking about developing your leadership skills through training courses and seminars, the benefits you can expect to receive are tremendous:

  • Enhance your communication and management skills.
  • Learn negotiation or conflict-resolution skills.
  • Network with peers, instructors, school administrators, and leaders in partner organizations.
  • Develop a new skill set or master a skill you already have.
  • Build your own “leadership toolkit” with the tools, skills, knowledge and relationships you need to advance your career.

A 2011 paper, “Do Educated Leaders Matter?”, investigated a sample of political leaders between 1875 and 2004 to find out whether the identity of a leader matters for economic growth and whether more educated leaders generate higher growth.

In their concluding comments, the authors say that they found evidence in favor of both hypotheses. “One of the most robust findings in empirical research is the importance of education in explaining economic outcomes,” the authors explain.

Confidence and Education: A Two-Way Street

Confidence through Education

Many of my previous posts have talked about the importance in confidence – confidence in women, confidence in leadership, confidence in life. The topic of confidence can also be brought up in any discussion of education.

Building your self-confidence is an important step in furthering your education – and expanding your knowledge is also a great way to gain confidence and eliminate insecurity!

3 Easy Confidence Building Tips

A 2012 post on the Franklin University blog gives some great tips to help anyone develop the self-confidence needed to earn a degree.

Here are some of my favorite tips – note that these can be applied to many situations – whether you’re still earning your degree, planning to go back to college in the future, or advancing your career through leadership development courses or other training.

Face your fears. Especially as we get older, trying something new can be challenging. It’s tempting to run away to escape from the uncomfortable feeling of trying something new, but I encourage you to take on the challenge head on. Envision yourself celebrating a successful outcome.

Take small steps. If something seems impossible to you, try looking at it from a different perspective: instead of tackling it head on, take one small step of action at a time and repeat. Over time, these small steps will encourage you to make bolder moves. Take a class in a subject you find challenging, ask an instructor or a peer for help, or accept an offer you might otherwise decline.

Accept – and learn from – your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. There will be times when you feel embarrassed, lost, or defeated. You’ll always be able to find someone you perceive as being smarter or somehow better than you. You won’t always get along with everyone – or make everyone like you. That’s just life. Learn from your mistakes – but don’t beat yourself up over them. Accept yourself and focus on the qualities that make you shine.

Concluding Thoughts

Whatever path you’re on, no matter what industry you’re in, no matter how well-versed you think you are, the benefits you’ll gain from continuing to pursue new knowledge are huge.

If you want to learn 5 easy confidence tips you can start putting into practice today, sign up for my completely free e-series today! This series will give you the foundation you need to start building confidence in all areas of your life.

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