In 2014, Women a Growing Part of Workplace Vision

Women of the WorldThere is a difference between hiring for diversity’s sake and hiring a diverse staff in order to improve the effectiveness of an organization. The bottom line is this: companies with women on their board of directors are by and large more financially successfully than those without. If you’re looking to up your profits, hiring women in executive positions is the way to start.

There are three ways to get women moving up the corporate ladder.

  1. First, we can provide formal mentoring programs within the company. Whenever there is an internal conference, training hours, or even an employee-driven focus group, women are almost guaranteed to be the lesser-represented sex.  Moreover, women also tend to be seated together – not necessarily in a conscious show of solidarity, but simply because women are more likely to be taken seriously by other women. Both of these points hinder communication across gender lines, which can decrease a company’s effectiveness and also put a stop to promotions of women leaders.
  2. Second, companies can provide internal development opportunities. As the number of senior women in the corporate world is limited, it would serve us well to begin utilizing those few in a formal role model capacity. This would not only increase employee loyalty to a company, but also better prepare women to move into a supervisory or upper managerial capacity.
  3. Lastly, too often a company will seek out upper-level executives from rival companies, as opposed to recruiting those who are already familiar with corporate goals and policies. There are capable women within your organization who are ready to move on up within your organization. The time investment on the part of the employee and the employer is often too great to be ignored when searching to fill board positions. Why waste an employee that has proven growth potential to outsource execs?

Authentic Leadership International, LLC believes in an effective workplace and believes in women being a part of that vision. Let us help you to maximize your efficiency and diversify your workforce by tapping into an often passed-by opportunity: the women already fueling your organization.


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