Increase Your Visibility and Influence At Work

For many women, getting noticed for their abilities and becoming an influencer at work can be an uphill battle. Sometimes it’s unclear when to hold back, when to push hard, and when to ask for help—particularly from male co-workers and managers. There are, however, effective ways to increase your visibility and influence.

Ways To Start

The following are some ways that successful business women say they get noticed. These are taken from the website of the National Center For Women And Information Technology, but they apply for women in all areas of business.

  • “Work on projects with direct business impact – Choose roles that are strategically important to the business, and be clear about how your work fits in with company goals. If you are not clear, ask mentors who can help you understand the big picture.”
  • “Develop a strong network and continually look for ways to diversify it – Ask yourself what kinds of skills, knowledge, or opportunities are missing from your existing networks. Participate in cross-functional, cross-organizational projects to diversify these networks in ways that close skill and knowledge gaps and accelerate your future opportunities.”
  • “Serve as an internal advocate and mentor for others — both women and men – Junior women and men benefit from having male and female mentors. Mentoring also can be a rewarding way to grow professionally and to expand your leadership skills. Make mentoring a part of your performance goals so that you are recognized in performance evaluations for this contribution.”

Other Options

You can do things outside your company to get noticed within it, particularly if your business or role offer few (or no) opportunities to increase your visibility. These tips can help you in your current job—or one you might be considering for the future.

  • Create And Run A Mastermind Group – This is an excellent way to build and demonstrate your leadership skills as well as to build connections in various industries. Participants can include people who are in similar work situations or career paths as you, those who want to explore new skills, or folks who want to share tips they’ve learned for staying visible. Check out this article for tips on getting started.
  • Be Active On Social Networks – This one takes a little more work, as you must stay active by posting and commenting regularly. It’s easier to do if you choose one or two networks that fit your job or industry. And if you can find sites your fellow employees and managers are on, you’ll have multiple opportunities to get noticed and show what you know.


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