Are You Introvert, Extrovert–Or Ambivert?

Not long ago, I shared that introverts can be just as effective in leadership roles as extroverts. I’ve now discovered that about two-thirds of us are neither true introverts or extroverts. We’re actually ambiverts, which means we have aspects of both traits at our disposal.

When circumstances require it, an ambivert personality can be the outgoing extrovert or the quietly self-reflective introvert. The secret is knowing our dominant tendencies and how to apply them for success.

Think Continuum, Not Category

Picture a line with an arrow at each end. One arrow is labeled “Introvert” and the other “Extrovert.” Ambiverts can fall anywhere along that continuum, meaning they don’t fit specifically into one particular category.

While that might seem like a negative, the bonus is that you’re not bound by either category and can thrive in environments that might scare an introvert or bore an extrovert. That can be a huge advantage in any situation, business or personal.

As a recent article describes it, “Being aware of which environments you flourish in can help you improve your relationships with others, choose a satisfying career and search for the right life partner.”

Understand The Pros And Cons

Despite the positives described above, it can also be difficult to have this hybrid personality type.

For example, an ambivert’s flexible nature makes it easy to adapt to new situations. You can be introverted, extroverted, or someone in-between. Sometimes, however, ambiverts can have “analysis paralysis” because they’re not sure which personality to present in a particular situation. There are so many options that it becomes overwhelming.

Knowing the downsides of this or any personality trait means you can handle them more effectively when they happen.

Discover Your Truth

It can take a little work to find where you fall on the personality spectrum. There are now as many online tests (try this one) to determine whether you’re an ambivert as there are assessments to reveal introvert or extrovert personalities. You can also sit down with a professional who specializes in this type of work.

Once you know more precisely whether you lean toward the introvert or extrovert side, you can use that understanding to create positive outcomes in every aspect of your life.

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