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If you’re a C-Suite Executive, Senior VP, or Director looking to make a bigger difference in your own or your team’s leadership, then you might be just a few steps away from becoming a more inspirational leader who is valued both for their tangible results and for their human approach. 

For Learning & Development and Human Resource leaders looking to make a bigger difference in the organizations you serve, this call is also for you!
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Senior Leadership Advisor, Speaker, Author

Colleen is an award-winning transformational facilitator, executive coach, professional speaker, writer, and entrepreneur. Her specialty is empowering intentional, values-focused leaders and top teams to shift their limiting beliefs and self-doubt
into tangible, inspired action toward their vision and measurable bottom-line results.

She has worked with over 150 intact teams and 500 individual leaders across many sectors and geographies and has racked up over 1600 executive coaching hours. She has helped these leaders, their teams, and those they influence to increase their long-term productivity, impact and fulfillment.

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