Make an Affirmation, Impact Your 2014

The dawn of this New Year allows us the opportunity to reflect on what changes we want to make in our life and in our work.  This is the time of year when we hear a lot about resolutions, the vehicle through which we resolve to accomplish some goal.  Resolving calls to mind an element of pushing, or forcing things to happen.  After all, in our resolve, or determination, we often embody the physical stance of barreling through or of getting there “no matter what.”  Oftentimes, it is precisely because we are so headstrong about our goal – with blinders on to our motivation behind it – that we are also blocked from seeing other, perhaps better paths for us.  “This year, I will become Partner, no matter what,” without even checking in to see if we even like our job, the company where we work or the field we are in.  If Information Technology (IT) bores us to tears, how much would being a partner in a renowned IT consulting firm really serve us?

How much lighter and freer would we feel if we could say what it is we really want to happen and then let go of what that looks like precisely?  “I am now in a role which deeply satisfies and generously rewards me.”   There’s no striving to get there, no trying – at all costs – to become.  We already are. In this loosening, there is lightness and openness to potentially better outcomes for us. To take the IT Consulting example, rather than tunnel visioning a partnership in a field that leaves us feeling empty, affirming that we are now in a role which fascinates us and challenges our intellectual curiosity allows for many other possible roles to open up to us, roles that would likely lead to  our greater fulfillment.  Saying our intention out loud – or, affirming – and then letting go of specifics is a powerful step toward getting what we want.

This isn’t to say that all there is to do is affirm and our dream job will land in our lap automatically.  Of course not.  We also need to act.  But our actions will come from a place of softness and acceptance of ourselves, which makes us more effective in our roles. By affirming and “tricking” our minds to think we already are experiencing that which we have set out to arrive sometime in the future, our approach changes.  There is less gripping.  We already are.  Because there is no need to worry about not getting there, we are happier and more present.  So, rather than fearfully insisting on contacting 100 prospects a week, we have a much more enjoyable time – and better results – speaking with the 30 prospects we are able to.

To reach our objective, affirmations must be stated in the present tense:   I am now in a role which allows me to have lots of quality time with my children. I am now earning $xxxx per year in a job which is fulfilling to me.  I am now ready to receive all the good things which I deserve.  Affirmations set the stage for our dreams to come true – likely much bigger dreams than we have allowed ourselves to nurture.   Most of us want to achieve greater results in our lives.  One sure-fire way to do this is with affirmations.


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