Our out-of the-ordinary programs are designed to create a unique experience for participants, so that they can be reminded of who they really are and, in doing so, to feel called to transform into the best version of themselves.

As such, the seeds are planted for their highest levels of productivity, focus, fulfillment and joy.

Forget been-there, done-that presentations that are not only boring…but painfully ineffective. Colleen brings her signature spunky style to liven up her audience and keep them engaged.

Participants won’t be zoning out on their phones, nodding off in their seats, or counting down the minutes until they can finally zip out the door.

Every one of Colleen’s programs blends her own wisdom and expertise with the most current, up-to-the-minute info your participants need to make a lasting impact in both their personal and professional lives.

The we can’t change because this is the way we’ve always done it mentality makes Colleen cringe every time she hears it. She wants to empower audiences to step outside of worn-out mentalities into a life and a path far more fulfilling and productive.

She loves inspiring people with her sense of humor, willingness to be open about own vulnerabilities, and by sharing her own real-life stories to show participants how they too, can indeed find the freedom and joy that they crave.

Colleen’s goal is to educate and inspire her audience to take that bold move…and to enjoy greater levels of impact and fulfillment.

Learn more about Colleen’s journey here.

Gain a Seat at the Table: How Women Increase Their Influence & Visibility

Be on the cutting edge of leadership…as you learn the smart strategies you need to gain your seat at the table with this empowering presentation.

With Colleen’s signature style that blends deep authenticity with a little humor mixed in, you’ll explore the strategies you need to easily win colleagues over…earn your dream job… stand in your own power and delegate effectively.

You’ll get clear on why being your boldly authentic self makes people naturally want to follow you – and how to enter into a greater alignment with the BOLD you (and yes, she’s in there – even if you don’t think so!).

How do participants benefit from attending? Colleen shares her expertise on these and other topics:

1. Leading from the heart and what it has to do with gaining your seat at the table (hint: a lot!).

2. The challenges surrounding vulnerability/imposter syndrome – and what to do about it.

3. The three key steps for increasing your influence and visibility at work and beyond.

7-Level Transformation: How to Increase Your Joy and Productivity Through Values

Discover how to create a more lasting impact in your leadership role while increasing your levels of joy and fulfillment as you live in alignment with who you really are.

Learn why your values are a key component in achieving your highest goals and how they lead you to greater levels of consciousness. How does this translate into your everyday life? For starters…

The ability to make decisions more effectively and with greater ease. Deeper connections that are built on trust and loyalty. The opportunity to inspire others through your role as a leader…and as a human being.

Participants benefit from attending by gaining a deeper understanding of these and other topics:

1. What your current values are – and what that means for you in terms of your level of consciousness.

2. Whether or not your current values are working for you and with the vision you have for your life and work.

3. What you need to do to cultivate the higher-level values that will lift you into the corresponding level of consciousness to which you are called.

Inspiring Others to Follow You: Defining Your Leadership Style

How do you define your leadership style?

This invigorating presentation gives you the tools necessary to deepen your capacity to operate with greater ease as a leader, while increasing your levels of fulfillment and impact.

This comprehensive program covers a lot of material, beginning with a look at the “technical” leadership style of the late 20th century before transitioning into an analysis of “adaptive” leadership styles.

Why? Because that is where it is proven that you can be the most effective as a Leader. This is the foundation you need to define your personal leadership style.

Benefit by gaining clarity and insight on these and other topics:

1. Leading leadership styles: Which leadership style you ultimately choose is up to you. By taking the time to understand where it is you want to go and why, you will be moving forward on your journey toward increasing your impact.

2. Defining your personal leadership style: Once you define the leader you want to become, you must commit to becoming aligned with your own values and ultimately, to making a difference in this life.

3. Smart strategies for getting there: Let’s talk strategies! We’ll cover the smart tips and helpful tools that you can implement right away to grow into a leader others will be inspired to follow.