Resetting: how can it help you achieve better results?

During a recent conversation about the upcoming birth of my daughter, a friend of mine suggested the upcoming need for me to reset once my daughter is born.  After all, as a first-time Mom, I will have my hands full not only with this beautiful new being, but also with all of the normal changes which taking on such an important new role engenders.  Resetting will be a necessary process to my integrating this new way of life with as few glitches as possible.   

Then, later that day, I went to a yoga class where the theme was, guess what?  Resetting.  Resetting the placement of my feet on the yoga mat so as to have a firm foundation.  Hmmm, resetting and a firm foundation.   So, does that mean that not taking the time to reset would cause my footing to be unsure?  Probably.  Given the conversation I had just had an hour earlier, I couldn’t help but make a connection between my postural repositioning and my friend’s suggestion of resetting after my baby’s birth. Not allowing the time it will take to reposition, from the ground up, the flow of my daily life and my daughter’s place in that will likely lead to a lot of needless stumbling.  

How can resetting help us in other parts of our lives?  At the office, we are trained to look at what’s not working and to move to immediately fix it.  More often than not, what happens is a frantic attempt to find the solution, any solution.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting we satisfy ourselves with not-good-enough results.  But,what would it look like to stand back and ensure our feet are in a good position, as it were, before acting?  My bet is that it would lead to more focused action, less expended energy, and better results. 

What about elsewhere in our lives?  Many of us find ourselves on a treadmill:  “metro, boulot, dodo” [subway, work, sleep] as the French saying goes.  How many of us get out of bed still half-asleep and approach our day as we have every other one – going down the to-do list and at times hitting a wall without once calling into question the motivations behind our actions?  Resetting allows us to come back to ourselves, to back up and punt when things are not going the way we wanted or when we are faced with major changes. 

Take a step back.  Breathe.  Make sure your footing is on firm foundation before proceeding.  Reset.

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