Something I highly recommend for my coaching friends

Last year I had a great experience with the World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS).

It’s an amazing event full of great information.

And here’s the best part: It’s all streamed online, there are NO pitches for any other type of product or service AND… (drum roll please)… it’s 100% free.

As in “nada”, “nothing”, “zilch”.

What’s the catch? There is NONE!

Anyway – It is happening again and I thought you might like to be made aware of it

The event offers an outstanding professional growth opportunity. It brings together the top thought leaders of the coaching world to share their knowledge and experience with practicing coaches.

Again, there is no cost for this. Essentially, it’s like a series of online TED talks throughout May and you can get your complimentary pass here:

The presenters this year are diverse and first rate and include (just to name a few):

– Marshall Goldsmith – The World’s Number One Leadership Thinker
– John C. Maxwell – Founder of EQUIP and the John Maxwell Company
– Dave Ulrich – Professor At The Ross School Of Business, University Of Michigan And A Partner At The RBL Group
– Peter Hawkins – The number one thought leader on Coaching Supervision and Leadership Team Coaching
– Pamela McLean – Preeminent Coach and Author of Completely Revised Handbook of Coaching
– David Allen – The Personal Productivity Guru
– David Rock – CEO, author, speaker coined the term ‘NeuroLeadership’
– Dorothy Siminovitch – Preeminent International Gestalt Coach, Coach Trainer, and Keynote Speaker
– Karen Kimsey-House – CTI Founder, Creator of the Co-Active philosophy of relationship, Leadership and Coaching Expert
– Shirzad Chamine – The New York Times’ best-selling author of Positive Intelligence

If you enjoy the pre-summit, WBECS does have a full summit scheduled for June with a LOT more sessions and longer times for each one, but for the month of May you can get into everything for free, so go grab a pass while you’re thinking about it.

You only need to register once and you gain access to all the pre-summit sessions live:

I’ll be also be attending a number of the sessions myself so may see you online

All the best,

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