How to claim what you want

Are You Selling Yourself Short? Here’s What to Do.

As difficult as this may sound, sometimes we’re the #1 saboteurs of our own success. Too often, we overlook our own natural talents and abilities in favor of criticizing what we believe we’re lacking in. We focus more on all the ways we think we’ve fallen short instead of the accomplishments we’ve already made.

If you’re always selling yourself short, here are three ways to get on the right track again so that you can make those BOLD moves and unlock your full potential…

Discover your creativity.

“We all have gifts and talents that get unleashed when we are engaged with goals and dreams that we love,” shares Maria Nemeth, an international leader in the field of coach training, and personal and executive development.

Need a nudge to figure out what makes you creative? Maria suggests looking at “what brings you joy – what warms your heart and nourishes your spirit.” What do you have a natural aptitude for? Where does your enthusiasm trump your doubts? Look in that direction and you’ll be well on your way to unleashing your genius.

If you’re still not sure, ask someone who knows you well to give you their insight into the things you do well or a trait about you that they admire.

Invest in Yourself.

Do you value yourself enough to really believe in your vision? “What are you doing to invest in your dream? What steps are you taking to meet it half-way?” That’s what best-selling author Kim Eldredge is asking. So often, we associate an “investment” with a dollar sign. But it’s much more than that.

Kim explains how she published her first five (yes, FIVE) books while she was still working a full-time job. In addition to her degree in Creative Writing, she also invested in classes, workshops, and trainings.

“I look at all of this as an investment. It’s not price, cost, or sacrifice – it’s an investment that pays me dividends; financially, lifestyle, and dream-fulfillment,” shares Kim.

What are you investing in? Are you investing in your dreams – or are you sabotaging your efforts by investing in negative thinking and a limited, have-not mindset?

Stop hiding out!Own it, girl!

Women’s leadership coach Eleanor Beaton asserts, “Fierce warrior queens intent on making a ding in the universe claim the stage. They don’t cower in the back corner.”

So, ask yourself: Am I claiming the stage in my life? And I’m not just talking about the stage at the networking event you attended recently. The “stage” can be anywhere – and if you want to claim what you want in business and in life – you need to quit hiding out.

Building confidence is one of the key strategies you have to finally bust through the self-doubt and take center stage in every area of your life. Embrace the fact that you are worthy, you are free, and you are continually evolving into higher levels of success.

Or, as Eleanor says, “Own it, girl.”

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