Be BOLDER Blueprint

How Structure Can Help You Create the Freedom You Want

Structure gives you freedom,” my mentor Lisa Sasevich often says.

When I first heard this, I thought, What? How in the world can structure lead to freedom? I mean, when I hear the word “structure,” I tend to think of rigid rules to be followed no matter what.

When I first heard “structure” and freedom” paired up together, I thought surely I must be hearing things. And then I was intrigued. Tell me more: just how can structure create the freedom I so desire?

How BOLDER™ Was Born

Lisa began talking about creating a Unique Branded System and encouraged me to develop one of my own. To do this, she said, I needed to list out all of the steps I take to bring about the transformation I do for my clients.

I got busy right away detailing the process I use to support women entrepreneurs in gaining greater courage, clarity and confidence to make their vision a reality. That’s how my blueprint for helping women entrepreneurs to stop selling themselves short, to claim what they want in business and in life and to go for it! – was born.

Making BOLDER™ Come Alive

Be BOLDER BlueprintYou see, my passion is accompanying women entrepreneurs in expanding their belief in themselves (you really can do it!), getting crystal clear on their priorities (and why they are priorities), understanding what’s getting in their way, and creating practices to overcome these obstacles – all in service of becoming more of who they are and of celebrating their efforts.

In short, I love to help you grow in ways you have only dreamed about but which, when left to your own devices, you either can’t or won’t pursue. And, no judgment here: everyone on this planet – including myself – needs help at least from time to time. It’s just that not all of us have the gumption to actually reach out and ask for it.

Soon after I came up with the idea of BOLDER™, I also immediately brainstormed on ways to get this movement out to as many women as possible. That’s when I came up with the idea to create an online home-study course, one which would be accessible at your leisure and one which could be affordable for all. So, I delved in and started building it.

Less “Tangible” Concepts Deliver Real-Life Results

As I was drafting the content, I realized that what I impart is not as tangible as, say, growing your email list or increasing the number of likes on your Facebook page. Rather, what I aim to instill are less tangible thoughts and behaviors: How does one organize her goals or develop practices toward them, for example?

I made sure to include examples of real-life women who, even without being consciously aware of it, are living out BOLDER™ in their professional and personal lives. These examples help make BOLDER™ come to life.

Sharing My Own BOLDER™ Story

I also integrated my own story into the course material. This is not in any way to toot my own horn or to say that my curriculum vitae is comparable to that of, say, Christine Lagarde, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund for the past five years.

Instead, I decided to share my own story because I want all of you who might question whether you have what it takes to make bolder moves to see that you do indeed. We all do. It’s merely a matter of how committed we are to ourselves and to our own vision.

Back to the whole concept of structure and freedom that I discussed in the beginning… it seems that that structure really does bring freedom. After all, if you knew you could create the life and business you really want by following six simple steps, wouldn’t you want structure– and what it brings – too?

To your success and fulfillment!

If you’re ready to take the first step toward freedom, confidence and greater fulfillment, click here to enroll in the Be BOLDER Blueprint Home Study course. Through the end of August 2015, you’ll save 30% off the regular price!

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