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Recap: Success Secrets of Women Entrepreneurs Online Event

Last week was incredibly busy around here – we had our biggest online training event yet! And Women Entrepreneur’s Guide: Success Secrets of Women Entrepreneurs was, well…wildly successful! Women around the world tuned in to hear 15 successful women leaders share their secrets of success.

Below I’ve listed a recap of the wonderful women who were part of this memorable, 3-day event. If you missed this info-packed training, no worries! At the bottom of this post I have a very special, limited time offer just for you.

Success Secrets kicked off 9/15, and we heard from:

Maribel Jimenez, dishing on how she helps entrepreneurs tap into their brilliance and share it with the world through powerful dream launches.

Sean Carroll, online marketing whiz by day and musical theater actor by night (how cool is that?!), shared how he enables clients to spend more time doing what they do best and less time on all the other “stuff”.

The always-inspiring Rosetta Thurman, who brought her empowering message of freedom and independence, showing women how to start building their ideal lives today.

Suzi Petrozzi, talking about power, fulfilment, and peace – and how women can reconnect to it!

Dorothy Kuhn, with a very special story on why life reclaimed is twice as sweet.

And, Dr. Michele Gunderson, explaining how she guides entrepreneurs to tap into the secret power of story to catapult both their businesses and their lives to success.

Success Secrets online eventWe were just getting started! On 9/16, these successful women joined us:

Relationship Expert Extraordinaire Eva Love pulled back the curtain on the challenges of being a powerful woman.

Bestselling author and high performance consultant Loren Fogelman talked about shifting gears – from ordinary to extraordinary.

Dr. Maria Nemeth dished on discovering your own capacity and abilities so you can make your unique contribution to the world.

Nadine Haupt had a special message for all the ambitious women listening in on busting through barriers and accelerating your impact AND income.

The Queen of Accountability Kimberley Borgens spilled the beans on unleashing your CEO power to create massive results in your life.

And Cristi Cooke, creator of the Pillars of Genius™ method, shared why you need to stop being “everything to everyone”.

On 9/17, we went out with a bang, listening to…

Globally recognized thought leader Liana Chaouli on how your wardrobe can have transformative effects on your life.

Raquel Vasallo, with a powerful message for spiritual women entrepreneurs on manifesting prosperity and purpose with ease.

Eleanor Beaton, on what you need to know about massively up-leveling your impact – while loving the whole process.

Business coach, entrepreneur, and mentor Angelina Campos, talking about all that she’s learned in more than 20 years guiding entrepreneurs to success.

Visibility expert Jenny Kovacs on getting you – and your business – seen and heard. Who doesn’t want that?!

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