Colleen Contributes Advice to Business Unplugged

Colleen SlaughterColleen’s advice recently appeared in Carol Roth’s Business Unplugged blog.  In an article entitled “Entrepreneurs: Tips to Create the Right Mindset for Success“, experts contributed advice to help develop and maintain the right mindset in business endeavors.

Colleen’s advice, “Authenticity is Enjoyment,” stresses the importance of being authentic to your purpose if you wish to fully enjoy your accomplishments.  Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur or are a member of corporate America, Colleen says it’s vital to fully comprehend and be sincere in your intentions.

The contributor network of business owners, experts, advisers and entrepreneurs shared a range of insightful tips and strategies, including:

  • Prep Your Muscles”: Know your topic, product, customer or situation to cultivate confidence and stand your ground.
  • Enforce Happy Hour”: Make time for yourself every day to decompress from work.  Taking a break gives you a clearer mindset when you do return to your work life.
  • Right Thinking for Success”: Find people you can look up to – a public figure, a philosopher, even a family member or friend. Contemplate their accomplishments to get your mind into a positive state – and keep it there.
  • Mental Toughness = Love”: Find strength in being emotionally tough – never allow the passion for your work to diminish.
  • Embrace Your Failures”: Use your failures to “think outside of the box”. Establish innovative practices that propel you to success.

“If you want to have complete success and fulfillment, you must be truthful about what is most important to you,” shares Colleen. “Otherwise, you are just chasing the almighty dollar, prioritizing material goals above your physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs.”

Colleen partners with clients who want to lead a more authentic work and personal life.  Her experience can show you how to become a more effective leader, accelerate achievement of key goals, and create a more satisfying life.

Learn more about Colleen’s unique coaching style by visiting her Authentic Leadership International website at or contact 1.855.481.1069.

Colleen is Featured on

Colleen SlaughterColleen was recently featured in an interview on, a popular website offering an impressive breadth of resources for entrepreneurs, including guidance on business development and growth, marketing info, industry guides, and more.

In the interview, Colleen offers in-depth information about her business, Authentic Leadership International (ALI), including the processes and procedures implemented that have fostered company growth, overcoming challenges, and advice and resources for other business owners.

Colleen shares that outsourcing and delegating have made a substantial impact in taking her business to the next level.  When Colleen came to the realization that she couldn’t do it all herself – and didn’t want to – it was time for a change. “I decided it was time to get help from people that enjoyed and had passion for the things that I didn’t,” explains Colleen.

Colleen highlights the importance of outsourcing when asked what she would do differently if she were starting over again.  “I would have gotten to the point of outsourcing and asking for help sooner, allowing me to focus more clearly on what I do best, giving emerging women leaders the tools to take bolder actions, so they can achieve higher levels of success,” she says.

She also says she wants other business owners just starting out to know how integral it is to be passionate about the business endeavor – to go the extra mile every step of the way. Colleen recommends the following resources for others:


  • Lean In by Cheryl Sandberg
  • Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
  • Women, Work & the Art of Savoir Faire: Business Sense and Sensibility by Mireille Guiliano
  • Save Your Inner Tortoise by Carol Courcy


  • Team Advantage
  • Energy Leadership Index
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Tilt 360° Leadership Predictor™
  • The Extraordinary Game™
  • FIRO-B

To learn more about Colleen and Authentic Leadership International, visit or contact 1.855.481.1069.

In 2014, Women a Growing Part of Workplace Vision

Women of the WorldThere is a difference between hiring for diversity’s sake and hiring a diverse staff in order to improve the effectiveness of an organization. The bottom line is this: companies with women on their board of directors are by and large more financially successfully than those without. If you’re looking to up your profits, hiring women in executive positions is the way to start.

There are three ways to get women moving up the corporate ladder.

  1. First, we can provide formal mentoring programs within the company. Whenever there is an internal conference, training hours, or even an employee-driven focus group, women are almost guaranteed to be the lesser-represented sex.  Moreover, women also tend to be seated together – not necessarily in a conscious show of solidarity, but simply because women are more likely to be taken seriously by other women. Both of these points hinder communication across gender lines, which can decrease a company’s effectiveness and also put a stop to promotions of women leaders.
  2. Second, companies can provide internal development opportunities. As the number of senior women in the corporate world is limited, it would serve us well to begin utilizing those few in a formal role model capacity. This would not only increase employee loyalty to a company, but also better prepare women to move into a supervisory or upper managerial capacity.
  3. Lastly, too often a company will seek out upper-level executives from rival companies, as opposed to recruiting those who are already familiar with corporate goals and policies. There are capable women within your organization who are ready to move on up within your organization. The time investment on the part of the employee and the employer is often too great to be ignored when searching to fill board positions. Why waste an employee that has proven growth potential to outsource execs?

Authentic Leadership International, LLC believes in an effective workplace and believes in women being a part of that vision. Let us help you to maximize your efficiency and diversify your workforce by tapping into an often passed-by opportunity: the women already fueling your organization.


A More Successful Career in 2014

2014Looking back at the 2013 calendar year, we’ve seen some very encouraging trends in business both in our home country and abroad, especially regarding women in the boardroom. It’s no secret that the corporate culture has been largely dominated by men through the history of the business world. A few important strides in the opposite direction, however, has many hopeful for times of openness and opportunities for new voices in the American corporate sector.

As this article published by The Huffington Post discusses, 2013 was a banner year for corporate career women in a few respects. For starters, this year saw the first appointment of a female CEO to lead one the leading corporations in the American automotive industry. Mary Barra took over the reins of General Motors, which is a corporation that has arrived at much stabler times since the global financial crisis hit in 2008.

Ms. Barra took a path to the boardroom that prepared her well to assume a leadership position as part of a culture where women are the minority. Early in her career, she focused on succeeding in an engineering career, an area where female professionals were exceptionally rare. GM also benefits by being able to position itself as an incredibly progressive corporation sporting a female CEO and a board of directors that includes five women.

Twitter is another company that has responded favorably to public calls for women in the corporate workplace. When the company went for its initial public offering on the stock market, there was some outcry that the social media giant had no women serving roles high up within the organization. By appointing Marjorie Scardino, a formerly successful CEO of Pearson, Plc, Twitter managed to greatly improve its public image by choosing not just a female board member, but one with a proven track record in business.

Now that 2014 is here, let’s find even more reasons to be optimistic about the place of women in positions of leadership. Authentic Leadership International is here to help you achieve important professional goals and help you get ahead in your career with our leadership development services. Contact us to find out how you might enjoy a more successful career in 2014.

Women of the World, Unite!

When you hear the word vision, what do you think of? Probably of going to the optometrist and getting your eyes checked – 20/20 and so forth. But vision is much, much more than that. It is a very hefty term, for it deals with your dreams and your future. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “an experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition.” That is the vision I am referring to, the ability to transform your dreams and your future into an almost-physical thing. For many, that is an impossible task. Given the state of the world, “visions” are often chucked out the window of the moving car of life. We just don’t have time for them. This is no good for our lives, personally and professionally. What to do then?

women in the workplaceAt Authentic Leadership International, a Leadership Development firm specializing in Executive Coaching and Leadership Development, our  over eleven years of experience have helped us get clear on exactly how to harness someone’s vision and enhance their leadership so they are able to better impact the world around them. Whether you are one person, a small business or a Fortune 500 company that puts Wall Street on notice, Authentic Leadership International will take anyone to that next level. In particular, we are passionate about women in business spheres all over the world and we want them to grow as leaders. This depends on opportunity and equality.

Opportunity and equality – two things that should be expected in a forward-thinking nation and, for the most part, a forward-thinking world. That is sadly not the case. If anything, 2013 has showed that we as a society still have a long way to go in terms of providing equal opportunity for all. Because of this unfavorable atmosphere, many of us cannot develop proper leadership skills; our growth clearly suffers on all fronts – emotionally, mentally and spiritually. So, where does that leave the vast majority of us, who struggle with control in our lives, who struggle with leadership in our work? Without opportunity and equality, many cannot develop into leaders.

The business sector, for example, is still predominantly male. Since it is unequal, the opportunity just isn’t there. In the article, “The Top 5 Ways Firms Can Advance Women,” Cheryl Carleton of Villanova School of Business writes, “Why are there so few women as we look up the rungs of the job ladder? How do we stop talented and successful women from the highest levels in their careers from leaving the labor force?” Carleton is asking some serious questions here. After a while in the labor force, great women hit a ceiling and can’t move forward. With no other alternative, they leave that industry altogether. This creates a dearth of senior female leadership.

In Carleton’s eyes, this can be fixed in five different ways: accountability, measuring and rewarding valuable yet invisible work, rethinking scheduling, addressing workplace culture and being an example. Would this solve the draught of senior female leadership? Perhaps. It would make women happier in the workplace. But what Carleton doesn’t address is vision, how it must be cultivated so women are able to transform their dreams and future into an almost-physical thing, something tangible that they can touch. That is where we come in, Authentic Leadership International.