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Colleen has a proven track record of helping and coaching clients, both in the U.S. and abroad. She holds multiple degrees in coaching and leadership, and founded ALI (Authentic Leadership International) in 2009. She leads clients to achieve change by helping them to identify, connect and ultimately act on their core values.

We encourage you to read more about Colleen’s background and Authentic Leadership International here:

Our passion at ALI is guiding emerging women entrepreneurs to achieve higher levels of authenticity and fulfillment at home and in the workplace. We achieve this through a focus on three key areas:

1 – Coaching

2 – Training sessions

3 – Speaking


At Authentic Leadership International, we guide our clients to navigate roadblocks and develop practical solutions to accomplish both personal and professional goals. We want to help clients get in touch with their true selves to identify, connect with, and act from their core values.

We developed a proprietary BOLDER system to offer the structure, clarity and self-confidence necessary to achieve alignment with true talents and desires.  For more information about BOLDER, click here.

Clients often report that we are able to help them uncover the roadblocks in their lives, allowing them to finally discover real, practical solutions.

You can learn more about coaching and ALI’s coaching strategy here:

Training Sessions

We offer online training sessions to help emerging leaders achieve a “seat at the table” for whatever that table is for you. Our online training sessions focus on how women can greatly improve their chance of becoming a respected, admired, and recognized business leader.

We currently offer the following online training:

The 3 D’s to Gaining a Seat at the Table. This training session is all about inspiring and empowering business women to build the confidence, clarity, and structure to make Bolder moves so that they can reach higher levels of fulfillment and success in today’s competitive business environment.

To find out about our online training sessions, click here:


Colleen has found a passion in giving presentations and speaking to emerging women entrepreneurs. She enjoys engendering lively, engaging discussions among audience members. Her purpose is to motivate audiences to cultivate greater authenticity and fulfillment at home and in the workplace.  Her dynamic education and experience in multinational corporate change leadership, executive coaching, and management consulting allows her to speak authoritatively on a variety of topics, including leadership, change management, and organization development.

Audience members have described Colleen’s speaking appearances as fresh and insightful, well received, and motivational. She is regularly described as well-prepared, persuasive, and skillful in her ability to connect with people from all backgrounds.

Colleen would love to be a speaker at your next event.

For more information on our speaking as well as descriptions of the top four presentations, please go here: