Why Our Moods & Emotions Matter

Our thinking determines our mood, creates our own reality, and drives our behavior. Therefore, the results we achieve are the outcome of our behaviors.

Because moods and emotions permeate everything that we do, they constitute a core business process. Moods and emotions are crucial to clarity, morale, and organizational performance.

Develop a knack for engaging all kinds of people across the organization and create long-term collaborations by learning how to:

  • Successfully distinguish between moods and emotions to engage in constructive emotional leadership

  • Shift ourselves and others from negative moods to more positive ones to achieve more desirable outcomes

  • Leverage moods and emotions to communicate more effectively, thus creating a deeper impact in our leadership

“Working with Colleen on a larger program here at MasterCard was such a fantastic experience for me, her mentorship on emotional intelligence has now become the North Star of my professional and personal life. Colleen is a credit to her profession and I would highly recommend her to anyone working within a high performing environment.”

-Gavin Henderson

European & Eurasia Vice President Of Regional Security, Mastercard

Brussels, Belgium

Body Language Impacts Business & Leadership

93% of our language is non-verbal (posture, breathing pattern, eye movement, an inner “knowing,” etc.) – proof that speaking is not limited to the vocal chords. Our way of being is embodied. We carry our biographies in our biologies.

We offer our clients a unique depth of expertise, drawing on her studies with Ariana Strozzi and Stuart Heller, internationally respected educators in this area, as well as her training as a Registered Yoga instructor.

We use our foundation based on ontological coaching to show you how to:

  • Detect subtle yet powerful cues that may be influencing your ability to communicate effectively

  • Use the body to enjoy more constructive and productive moods, thereby improving results

  • Create small shifts in body posture to generate a more positive outlook, in business and in life

Language Produces Outcomes, Creates Realities

Effective leadership, management, coaching, and team behavior depends heavily on how people use language. What is done – and how well it is done – is shaped by how people do (and do not) use language.

A key part of examining language is to uncover destructive narratives, and develop more powerful and empowering ones. What we as the observer experience physiologically, feels emotionally, or recites aloud (or in our head) influences the kind of impact we will have.

Create a greater impact as a leader when you learn:

  • Deeper, more effective ways of listening to enhance communication and relationships

  • How speech influences everything from conversation to overall performance in the workplace

  • How to focus on body, emotion, and language – rather than just actions to shift behavior

Learn more about Ontological Coaching and how it can support you to better achieve your most important goals through shifts in body, emotion, and language.

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”
― Nelson Mandela