“Leaders of the future need to be courageous and authentic.” -Forbes 2014

“People respond to leaders who are authentic and genuine. … And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” -Inc. 2016

That’s exactly why we’ve created this FREE series featuring weekly inspiration to take BOLD action in a simple, concrete way.

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Wondering what these BOLD Moves look like? Here’s a sample:

Know your “why.”

Your team won’t be inspired by what you do as much as why you do it. Work on finding your why – your cause – that you can use to motivate others. It’s a win-win: people will follow you because they want to, out of a sense of shared values and beliefs.


Here’s what others are saying about our weekly BOLD Moves:

I love your tips and will be sharing your link with others. I like the idea of BOLDLY changing the way one conversation at a time. You are an inspiration for many and I truly appreciate the work that you and your team do!
-Kelley Bell, Director of Strategic Sourcing, Conoco Phillips


I love your Bolder Moves weekly inspiration and I look forward to it every Tuesday. Typically, I share it with others in my HR department, as well as the articles that relate to the inspirational theme.
-Amy Brown, PHR, Senior Corporate Recruiter, CoBANK


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-Donna Pisani

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