The coaches and facilitators at Authentic Leadership International (ALI) guide leaders across the globe to soar above and beyond their performance goals so they can develop into the leaders they only dreamed they could be. Our clients include individual leaders, small-to-medium enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies; we specialize in working with multi-cultural teams.



Many business coaches specialize in helping their clients with tactical and transactional activities. The leadership coaches at ALI work with international leaders to facilitate transformation on a much deeper level.

Organizations Don’t Change, People Do.Richard Barrett 

That’s the tenet we operate from. In other words, It’s not one individual or team, even with changed policy, who can determine the course for an entire institution.  Instead, organizations are made up of individuals who, when operating in alignment with each other and with the vision and values of the organization, together create transformation for the company.  So it’s not the organization itself which charts a new course, it’s the people within it who do.

We believe that transformation always starts from within. Based on this principle, we help individuals and organizations to identify and understand their true goals so that they may align their actions and behaviors with their core values. This guides them to achieve lasting transformation – and to higher levels of personal and professional freedom, joy and fulfillment.

“You live, you learn
You love, you learn
You cry, you learn
You lose, you learn
You laugh, you learn
You choose, you learn
You ask, you learn
You live, you learn”

-Alanis Morissette
“You Learn”

The stats¹ are in…

Commissioned by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the Global Coaching Client Study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that of study participants,

  • 70% reported enhanced work performance
  • 80% said self-confidence increased
  • 67% noted a better work/life balance

Even better,

  • 99% of companies and individuals report a high degree of satisfaction, saying they are either “somewhat” or “very satisfied” with their overall coaching experience.

Is coaching worth the investment?

  • 86% of companies reported that they at least made their investment back. But really, how can we put a price tag on the long-term benefits of experiencing greater freedom, joy, and fulfillment?

Change Versus Transformation:

There’s a difference between change and transformation. We can change our clothes. We can change our haircuts. We can change where we live or the cars we drive. But we can just as easily change our hair back to the way it was, move back to our old addresses and reclaim our former wheels.

Not so with transformation.

Transformation happens at a much deeper level. It’s about going deep within our souls to meet the bigger version of ourselves. A shift in our consciousness happens, and returning to the “way things were” is no longer possible. That’s our definition of transformation.

Say Hello to the Bigger Version of You:

Truth be told, it takes a lot of courage to be authentic in today’s world. We’re often asked what it means to be bold. Our answer is always the same: you get to decide that. It’s different for everyone. That’s part of what authenticity is all about.

Our purpose as change leadership facilitators at ALI is to help you transform into that “bigger” version of yourself. Your skills, your education, your confidence…have taken you this far. Yet deep within, you know that there’s so much more.

What Does Transformation Look Like?

Our clients often tell us that they are better able to get in touch with their true selves, to more clearly understand where their limiting beliefs about themselves and about what’s possible originate, and to muster the courage needed to step out of that old way of being which no longer works…into a life and career which are infinitely more fulfilling.

That might mean leaving a less satisfying job to take on a more fulfilling one, stepping away to focus on family, speaking up to claim your inner power, going after that promotion, or expanding your reach (or any combination of those!). In short, it means you get to shine even more brightly…

Now let’s take those bold moves – and soar to higher levels – together.